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spinnerbait bass

6 Tips for Bass Fishing Success During the Shad Spawn

It’s Shad Week, brought to you by Lurenet – just in time for the shad spawn in many areas. Let’s look at how to make the most of the great bass catching opportunity that occurs when bass spawn.

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Devil's Horse Topwater Lure

3 Subtle Topwater Strategies for Early-Season Bass Action

Great surface action occurs before the primary topwater bass fishing season heats up – if you use the right tactics! 

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bass on finesse Carolina rig

Fish a Finesse Carolina Rig for Spring Bass

A downsized version of the iconic Carolina rig plays a critical role in Jimmy Mason’s spring bass strategy. Use this rig to catch more bass from the pre-spawn through the post spawn period.

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brook trout on float rig

Use Floats for Better Trout Fishing Presentations

Fishing floats with artificial lures can help you catch more trout from creeks and rivers. We’ll examine how floats can enhance your presentations and discuss how to maximize their effectiveness.

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5 Ways to Catch More Crappie from the Bank

Shore fishing for crappie is at its best during spring, when the fish move shallow to spawn and feed. Follow these tips to catch more fish.

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Jason Christie with Smallmouth Bass

YUM FF Sonar Minnow & Jighead Offerings Expanded

YUM has filled an important niche by adding new sizes of the highly popular FF Sonar Minnow and FF Sonar Jigheads for Catching Bass and More.

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Jason Christie, Bassmaster Classic Champion

Jason Christie’s Bassmaster Classic Lessons

Learn how the 2022 Bassmaster Classic champion’s past Classic experience impacts his approach to this year’s world championship at Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees.

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Cindy rig smallmouth bass

Finesse Smallmouth Rig Great for All Kinds of Bass

The Cindy Rig is red hot in the bass fishing world, and its use has spread far beyond the Great Lakes and the smallmouth bass it was designed to catch. Let’s take a closer look!

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