The jig is one of the most popular and effective fishing lures ever created. Jigs are simple lures – just a jighead, hook and soft-plastic or other material body. Many bass jigs are equipped with a weedguard to keep them snag-free, and anglers usually add a soft-plastic crawfish trailer. Jigs can be flipped to wood or weed cover in shallow water, pitched to work docks or other cover in the mid-depths or casted to deeper water to work bottom structure or cover such as brushpiles or old stumps. You can retrieve a jig in super-slow motion or simply swim it through the water, and they catch big bass. For panfish and walleyes, ice fishermen often tip a tiny jig with a maggot and hold it as still as possible to catch big bull bluegill and perch. Open water crappie and walleye anglers cast or troll multiple jigs, or suspend them under a float.