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Top 10 Late Spring Bass Baits

Jason Christie’s Top 10 Late Spring Bass Bait Picks – Top Picks and Tackle Tips

Learn about the best lures for late spring bass fishing from 2022 Bassmaster Classic champion Jason Christie.

Late spring is a fun time to fish for bass. Many fish are shallow and active, and it’s an outstanding time to target large bass. It’s also a complex time, arguably more so than early spring, because you find fish in pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn modes this time of year – sometimes all at once on the same lake.

We decided to leave nothing to chance for fishing this time of year and got top picks for late spring bass fishing directly from Jason Christie, who was considered one of the best bass anglers on the planet even before winning the 2022 Bassmaster Classic.

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late fall bass baits

Jason Christie’s 10 MUST HAVE Late Fall Bass Baits

Enjoy the benefit of Jason Christie’s expertise and tap into the season’s best bass fishing action.

Late fall can be a very fun time to fish for bass, with the fish often eager to feed as they prepare for leaner times. It’s also a season of major transition, though, and quickly changing weather and water conditions trigger changes in bass behavior.

Having the right assortment of late fall bass baits at hand can be critical to finding the best fishing action any given day. With that in mind, we decided to leave nothing to chance. We tapped into the expertise of Jason Christie and got his top late fall bass bait selections, specific to size and color.

Making a good thing even better, we’re going to give you 15 percent off Jason Christie’s featured late fall bass baits. See below for details.

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Top 10 Early Fall Lures

Jason Christie’s Top 10 EARLY Fall Bass Fishing Lures

Why guess at the best lures to use when you can call on the expertise of one of the world’s most accomplished bass anglers?

Early fall bass fishing presents challenges. The fish stay on the move and can be in many different types of areas.  With changing conditions, they also can be a bit moody. That said, if you understand seasonal bass behavior and use lures and approaches that capitalize on that knowledge, fishing can be very good this time of year. With that in mind, we talked with Jason Christie and got his picks for the 10 best lures for early fall bass fishing.

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