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Meet the Dingers! A guide to the entire YUM Dinger family

YUM Dingers are one of the easiest soft plastic lures to catch fish on in the entire massive realm of options that are out there for anglers. The small “do-nothing” shape and action seems to always catch fish when other lures let you down. But, did you know there are several other options within the Dinger family of lures? There are three different types of Dingers with a few sizes to each one.

YUM Dinger

The first member of the Dinger family is the original YUM Dinger that you all know and love. This awesome stick bait came into scene back in the early 2000’s when pro staff members wanted a suitable bait to use for wacky rigs and for pitching on a Texas rig. YUM answered with the Dinger – which might seem like a typical stick bait, but it carries some big-time fish catching properties. The Dinger is notably tougher than most stick baits due to its stronger plastic resin which allows you to use less baits and catch more fish. It is also highly salted, so it maintains a tantalizing fall, and it is available in some of the most attractive color patterns on the market. The YUM Dinger comes in four sizes ranging from a 3 inch all the way to the massive 6-inch size but the most popular is the 5-inch model. The standard Dinger is the best option for wacky rigs or for using weightless and is great in the springtime or whenever bass are shallow!

YUM Swim N Dinger

The Swim N Dinger is the second member of the prestigious family of YUM Dingers, and it has some awesome qualities to it! The Swim N Dinger is a rendition of the YUM Dinger stick bait with a small paddle tail so it can be reeled like a swimbait. The Swim N Dinger comes in 4- and 5-inch sizes and a host of colors native to the Dinger. Many anglers find this little lure to be dynamite as a trailer on bladed jigs, swim jigs or spinnerbaits because of its subtle action that doesn’t take away from the bait itself. Other applications for the Swim N Dinger are placed on a shaky head jig like a finesse worm, this is fantastic in the post spawn! Also, the Swim N Dinger works great on Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, or even as a subtle swimbait on a small jig head. It’s a bait that can stay tied on all year long!

YUM Thump N Dinger

Our third option in the Dinger family is the one most anglers often forget about, it’s the Thump N Dinger! This Dinger shape shares the least in common with our original model because it comes in a narrow 6-inch frame with a small curl tail unlike anything in the YUM line. This dude is the perfect option for finesse fishing near grass or cover because it has such a subtle action and small stature that draws bites even in the toughest conditions. The tail is built in such a way to undulate with the slightest movement and the profile is perfect for use on small Texas rigs or shaky heads. Don’t get me wrong though, the Thump N Dinger is great when used as a swimming worm, like others in its category. It simply provides a scaled down option for this which works great around pressured fish. The Thump N Dinger works great in the post spawn, but also anytime the bass are positioned against cover.

All three of the options in the YUM Dinger family are productive year-round, but each one has its niche to fit into your fishing wherever you are!

Which one fits where you fish?

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