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YUM Scottsboro Kit 5 Wire 3.5 Cash Flow

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The YUM Flash Mob Jr set the bass fishing world on fire by delivering a unique deep water fishing system which will forever be a staple among tournament anglers and average joes hoping for a bass of their lifetime! Here at Lurenet we decided to tweak this elite umbrella rig with phenomenal colors and never before seen YUM/Scottsboro swimbaits to further fool those elusive lunker size bass. Introducing the YUM Custom Flash Mob Jr kits built for anglers of all skill levels to catch bass of unthinkable sizes!

Cash Flow is as naturally colored as it gets. This beautiful subtle green Flash Mob Jr features a muted green head with grey and silver glitter and accompanying willow leaf blades to match. The YUM/Scottsboro swimbait pairing screams a tired gizzard shad ready to pull a giant bass away from his cozy brush pile for some ear-to-ear grinning selfies!

Each kit is packaged with a custom painted YUM Flash Mob Jr with willow blades, a set of matching YUM/Scottsboro swimbaits, and 1/8 oz. Recon swimbait heads to complete the rig.


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