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War Eagle JIU-JIGSU-GP Orange Craw-5/8 oz

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After more than year of development, the War Eagle Jiu-Jigsu is ready to fight big bass. Pro anglers wanted a flipping jig to match their high expectations and standards. War Eagle spent considerable time refining the Jiu-Jigsu to exceed them. The Jiu-Jigsu design began around an Owner ZO-WIRE hook - which is stronger than other hooks, has a Super Needle Point and frictionless finish to improve penetration and hookups. A modified Arkie-style head slides through cover and is powder-coated to withstand repeatedly being drug across rocks. The skirts come in 12 pro-driven colors and made with hole-in-one style skirts for added durability. A precisely-angled weed guard eliminates snags while a wire trailer keeper eliminates the need for glue.


The War Eagle Jiu-Jigsu is designed for fighting big bass!

  • Owner ZO-WIRE hook
  • Arkie-style head to smoothly move through cover
  • Hole-in-One style skirts for durability
  • Plastic keeper eliminates the need for glue
WE58JJ 5/8 oz 4/0

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