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Rebel Tracdown Minnow - T Shad

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The exclusive Rebel TD47 Tracdown Ghost Minnow in T Shad, a custom color pattern specifically designed for Bank and Creek. Perfectly mimicking wintertime minnows, the T Shad sports a pink blush face, shimmering gold sides adorned with black dots, and a black splatter back. Crafted to emulate cold-water minnows common in ponds and creeks during the colder months, the TD47 is ideally weighted for swift water fishing. Its slow-sinking nature allows anglers to strategically place it around eddies, large rocks, and hiding spots favored by bass, trout, and other gamefish.

With a few controlled pops of the rod tip, watch the TD47 dart and dive, imitating natural prey movement. Especially effective in clear streams and rivers, this lure is a surefire fish-catcher. Suitable for attracting both large and small gamefish, the Tracdown Ghost Minnow TD47 is outfitted with barbless treble hooks, prioritizing the well-being of the fish and the environment. Dive into a premium angling experience with a lure designed for precision, effectiveness, and sustainability.

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