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Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish Customs

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WOO! It’s the perfect time of year for creek wading so we decided to go overboard this month with a block of the best creek fishing lure known to man, the Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish! Four new patterns are available to match up to a variety of water clarities and temperament of bass. Each pattern is built to make bass drool with impressive new color designs with bold flashes of color.

Mossback Craw mimics bright red crawfish varieties anglers see on the east coast, but don’t limit mossback craw because it has no regionality and will smash bass nationwide!

Fatal Craw is bold and beautiful with a blend of a bright blue back and a solid orange belly. This pattern is dynamite in off colored water!

Radiation is built for clear water with a translucent natural paint scheme and chartreuse claws.

Bone Orange Belly, do you need any other explanation! This color is perfect for all water conditions!

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The ultralight Rebel Teeny Wee-Crawfish is one of the most popular fishing lures in the world – a standby for all anglers who walk stream banks or small lakes around the world. Its small, lifelike profile entices and catches bass, trout, panfish and more. The distinct pulsating action is irresistible and extremely effective in rivers and streams. Cast or troll this shallow-running crawfish bait and enjoy the true-running stability that catches fish.

  • One of Rebel's most famous lures
  • Equally effective in streams, lakes and ponds 
Model Size Weight Depth Hook
F77 1 1/2 in 1/10oz 2' - 3' #14

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