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Rebel Pop-R - Shimmer Brim

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The iconic Rebel Pop R P60 in Shimmer Brim—a bluegill-inspired pattern that is perfect for fishing around shallow cover such as wood, rock, and grass, this lure call bass up from their hiding spots looking for a meal. This lure shines as the perfect choice from the heat of summer through the cooler temps of fall due to it’s effectiveness in water temperatures from 60 to 90 degrees.

For over three decades, the Rebel Pop-R has set the gold standard for topwater poppers. So effective was Rebel Pop R P60 that, while briefly discontinued, it still played a pivotal role in winning bass tournaments, raking in hundreds of thousands in prize money. Once its title as “The Secret Bait of the Pros” was unveiled in a leading bass fishing publication, the demand was overwhelming—leading to sales of over a million units the first year back on the market.

Beyond its storied legacy, what truly makes the Pop-R a favorite is its versatility. It can be worked quickly mimicking a panicked baitfish zipping across the water or slowly twitched to mimic a wounded baitfish near death, and every speed in between.

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