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Norman Speed N Jr. - Orange Belly Craw

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The Norman Speed N Jr. Orange Belly Craw—a game-changer in the world of pre-spawn crankbaits. This lure's exceptional design and performance have earned it a prestigious spot in our Bank and Creek custom colors collection.

Meticulously crafted, we've opted for a translucent body, overlayed with a green craw overcoat. This combination is especially tantalizing in clear waters, where its authentic appearance seamlessly merges with the natural aquatic environment. However, what truly sets this lure apart is its vivid orange throat. It doesn't just pop; it sizzles beneath the water's surface, creating an irresistible focal point compelling bass to zero in with precision.

The versatility of the Norman Speed N Jr. is second to none. Whether you're navigating grassy shallows, exploring woody hideouts, or skirting around rocky terrains, this crankbait is perfectly tailored for the challenge.

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