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Norman Deep Tiny N Dirty Shad

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Fall can be a fickle time of year with the abundance of bait that fills the creeks in lakes and rivers across the country. Bass busting shad can be found as far as the eye can see but getting them to bite can seem like an endless chore. Well, we have a treat perfect for this baitfish filled time of year -the Norman Deep Tiny in Dirty Shad! This little crankbait emulates several types of small threadfin, gizzards, or any type of minnow and provides an easy meal to bass keyed in tightly to shad near the top. Pick some up today to put some bass in the live well!

  • 300 available
  • Limited time run
  • Custom color -Dirty Shad
  • 4-6 feet diving depth
  • Quality hooks and components

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