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Norman Deep Tiny N - Chrome Pumpkinseed

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The Bank & Creek Custom color Norman Deep Tiny N in Chrome Pumpkinseed—a game-changer in the world of lures. At its core, this lure masterfully merges the classic appeal of the pumpkinseed pattern with the vibrant aesthetics of a sunfish, creating a visual allure for bass.

What elevates the Norman Deep Tiny N to a league of its own is its chrome body. Unlike traditional lures which feature pumpkinseed in matte tones, this iteration dazzles with a chrome finish. This reflective brilliance ensures an unparalleled flash under the water that is sure to capture the attention of any nearby fish.

Norman Deep Tiny N because Sometimes you need to go smaller to catch bigger bass. In those situations, the Deep Tiny N is your go-to crankbait. This ultralight works the 4-6 range with a tight wiggle.

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