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Norman Deep Little N Harvest Moon

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When the Harvest Moon is out the bass just seem to jump in the boat! This simple yet elegant pattern brings to life a bright threadfin shad imitator but in an off-white body to entice bass in darker water. You will notice right off the bat that this pattern has several bright tones, and these all blend together nicely for a shad imitator to trick even the wisest bass on the stump flat. Harvest Moon works perfectly as a shad imitator in stained to off-colored water, but can also provide a reaction strike opportunity in gin clear water.


A classic medium diver, the Deep Little N hits that 9-12 foot sweep spot quickly. With the famous medium-wide Norman action, the Deep Little N has posted wins in the biggest tournaments in the nation – including a Bassmaster Classic.

Model No. Weight(oz) Weight(g) Size(cm) Size(cm) Cranking Depth Hooks
NMDLN 3/8 oz 10.63 g 2 1/2 in 6.35 cm 9 - 12 FT #4

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