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Norman Deep Little N EVOO

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Clever name, huh? Veteran angler and painter Frank Scalish created this pattern and name, and it fits perfectly! EVOO, as it is called in short terms, is a pattern perfect for clear water situations. It has a translucent body with tones of black, brown, gold, and bright shad sense sides. These colors quickly flash and change as the bait rolls or crawls over rocks and other structure on its way to call up bites. EVOO lends itself nicely on clear water lakes and rivers where the primary forage is small minnows such as fat heads, chubs, or other dark colored shad. This isn't one you want to miss out on!


A classic medium diver, the Deep Little N hits that 9-12 foot sweep spot quickly. With the famous medium-wide Norman action, the Deep Little N has posted wins in the biggest tournaments in the nation – including a Bassmaster Classic.

Model No. Weight(oz) Weight(g) Size(cm) Size(cm) Cranking Depth Hooks
NMDLN 3/8 oz 10.63 g 2 1/2 in 6.35 cm 9 - 12 FT #4

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