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Lurenet Bank And Creek Custom Color Bundle

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Love the custom colors in the kit but not sure you need everything included? We got you covered with this July Bank & Creek Custom Color Bundle! Save over 10% if you purchased the items separately. Limited supply so don’t delay and miss out on getting these custom colors.

Custom Colors in the Bundle:

Norman Custom Middle N

Lurenet Bank & Creek limited run exclusive color Middle N – Lavender Tiger Shad.


This Bank & Creek custom color lure is based on the ever-popular Lavender Shad but taken to the next level by adding tiger stripes down the sides and throwing on a shad dot for good measure to give bass something to target! 


The Norman Middle N has a wide, fish-hunting wobble which makes it a perfect search bait for the 7-9 foot range. Whether you’re after largemouth or smallies, the Middle N gets the job done with a molded-in lip, butyrate body that creates that Norman unique sound and fish-attracting rattles.


REBEL Custom Teeny Pop-R

Lurenet Bank & Creek limited run exclusive color Teeny Pop-R – Special Ops. 


This one-of-a-kind custom color lure features a black back that transitions to a unique gold scale pattern down the sides then fades to highlight the translucent pearl belly. 

The Teeny Pop-R is a legendary Bank & Creek topwater bait that produces two distinctly different sounds and actions depending on if the angler is holding the rod tip high or toward the water. This small size catches bass, panfish and other gamefish with some of the most exciting topwater bites you’ll ever experience. This lure is a must have for any Bank & Creek angler’s arsenal!

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