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Lindy Tungsten Toad-Red Glow-#6

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A jig is probably the most important bait an ice angler has in the tackle box. Ice fishermen know that jigs have to be tough and reliable all the while having an enticing appearance. The Lindy Tungsten Toad has those qualities and more.


The Lindy Tungsten Toad is denser than lead and sinks faster. This allows anglers to get the same weight from a smaller-sized jig for finesse presentations and fewer hang-ups in heavy cover. The extra weight in the tungsten jig keeps the line tighter, eliminating slack in the line for better hook sets. 

  • Denser than lead for faster drop rates
  • Fishes horizontally to provide a natural look
  • Available in glow and natural colors
  • 1 per pack
    Model Hook Size
    LTGT10 #10
    LTGT12 #12
    LTGT14 #14


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