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Lindy Rig X-Treme Snells

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The Lindy Rig X-Treme Snell is available in a minnow version, which comes with a No. 2 red octopus-style hook, and in a crawler/leech version featuring a No. 4 red octopus-style hook. You get two X-Treme Snells in every package, and they’re perfect when you’re after walleyes on heavily fished lakes like Mille Lacs and others where big ‘eyes have seen a million rigs.


The Lindy Rig X-Treme Snell is made as tough as the anglers who use it. Built for fishing in snaggy cover and structure, the X-Treme Snell features a 42-inch pre-tied snell, a red octopus-style hook with a colorful bead ahead of it, all tied to an advanced Lindy Swivel, which features an oversized line-tie to prevent slippage into the sinker. Two versions are available, one for minnow fishing and the other for crawlers and leeches.

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