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Heddon Zara Puppy - BC Bullfrog

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Behold the custom-colored Heddon Zara Puppy in BC Bullfrog—a masterful creation envisioned by the genius at the helm of the Bank & Creek program. Meticulously crafted, this lure effectively mimics two of the best topwater fishing profiles on the same lure: the shad and the frog.

At its foundation lies a pearl opaque base, reminiscent of a shad's gleaming undertones. Layered atop this base are lifelike bullfrog markings—rich greens, earthy browns, and stark blacks, seamlessly blending to emulate the amphibian's iconic appearance. This dual design ensures that whether the fish are on the hunt for shad or bullfrog, the lure stands as a perfect match.

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the Heddon Zara Puppy is an angler's dream. Its design invites one to cast it into deep water pockets, and with some swift rod-tip pops, its "walking" motion is sure to draw inquisitive, hungry fish. Expect a series of bites as the lure's lifelike presentation and motion prove irresistible to lurking predators.

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