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Heddon Tiny Torpedo - Fluorescent Green Crawdad - 1 7/8 in

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The Heddon Tiny Torpedo is a prop-bait with a shape & weight allows anglers to cast bait further. Schooling fish or bass fishing spots beware.


The Heddon Torpedos have been the world’s top-selling, top-producing spinner-equipped lures for generations. Their shape and weight allow anglers to cast these lures a little farther than many other prop-baits, allowing them to reach those special fish-holding spots quicker and easier. Heddon's Tiny Torpedo creates a wild splashing surface disturbance, making the Tiny Torpedo the perfect lure for schooling fish. Use quick, short and erratic twitches to make the Torpedo perform at their best…producing explosive, heart-stopping surface strikes every time.

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