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Heddon Super Spook BOYO - Bleeding Pearl

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From the imagination of renowned lure artist and bass whisperer "Uncle Frank" Scalish comes another masterstroke: the Heddon Super Spook BOYO in "Bleeding Pearl". Meticulously designed, this lure captures the essence of what every other shad pattern wishes it could be.

Being a part of the illustrious Heddon Spook lineage, the Super Spook BOYO does not merely ride on the reputation of its predecessors; it carves its own niche. Tailored for situations when schooling bass play hard to get with larger lures, the BOYO stands ready to work its magic. At a compact yet assertive 3 inches in length, and weighing 3/8 of an ounce, the BOYO sits just below the Super Spook Jr in size but equals in impact.

What makes the BOYO special is its impeccable construction, reminiscent of the Spook family's legacy. Internally, it houses a single lead rattle in its tail, facilitating its characteristic walking motion and producing that alluring sound that beckons fish to the surface. Externally, its aesthetic finesse encapsulates what makes a Spook lure so revered.

Grab the Heddon Super Spook BOYO in Bleeding Pearl and elevate your topwater fishing game.

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