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Cotton Cordell Super Spot - Sriracha Craw

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Elevate your early spring fishing escapades with the "Bank & Creek exclusive custom color 1/4 oz Cotton Cordell Super Spot in Sriracha Craw". It's not just a lure; it's a fiery statement in the water! Aptly named after the tantalizing spice of Sriracha, this lure brings the heat to every cast.

With every flick and glide, the Sriracha Craw promises to capture the attention of any fish nearby, enticing them with its hot and sizzling appearance. It's not just about catching fish; it's about doing it with flair. Dive into an unparalleled fishing experience with this spicy addition to your tackle box!

The original lipless crankbait by Cotton Cordell stands unmatched. Expertly crafted to glide through shallow weeds and easily break free from aquatic vegetation, its wobbling descent is a magnet for fish. What truly sets the Super Spot apart is its pronounced rattles and tight shimmy, irresistible to bass and other gamefish. In the world of fishing, Cotton Cordell's Super Spot isn't just a lure—it's a legend.

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