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BOOYAH® Covert Series - Arsonist #4.5 Gold Colorado #3.5 Gold Colorado - 1/2 oz

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When crawfish are on the menu do you reach for a spinnerbait? Now you do! Introducing the BOOYAH Covert Spinnerbait in the Lurenet exclusive pattern ARSONIST! ARSONIST is a bold fiery craw like pattern meant to elicit reaction strikes out of cold-water bass by appealing to their natural predatory instinct to hate the color red! This color option in the Covert Spinnerbait is perfect for combing through shallow cover when there is water disturbance such as wind, rain, or rising conditions. The Covert Spinnerbait in ARSONIST still features the top-notch components such as the raked-out head, Hildebrandt blades and viciously sharp hook but now comes in a perfect color pattern for pre spawn bassin’!

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