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War Eagle Delivers Ultimate Flipping Jig

Short version: War Eagle’s new Jiu-Jigsu is the ultimate flipping jig.

Easy to say, of course. Details back this bold assertion, though. War Eagle worked closely with pro staff to develop the Jiu-Jigsu, incorporating every detail top pros had never found in a single jig and then allowing the same pros to put prototypes through rigorous testing.

A flipping jig must winch heavyweight bass out of seriously thick stuff, so everything begins with the hook, which is a super stout Owner Zo-Wire hook. The modified Arkie-style 5/8-ounce head is powder coated for extreme durability and features a recessed eye that helps this jig crawl through dense cover without getting hung. A dozen exclusive colors of premium Hole-In-One Skirts provide the perfect amount of bulk and movement and ideal color combinations for every flipping and pitching situation.

Adding functionality, the Jiu-Jigsu features a weedguard that keeps you out of trouble but flexes just enough for unimpeded hooksets. A wire keeper, meanwhile, makes it easy to complete your offering with any type of trailer.

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