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Paint Shop Spotlight Rebel Pop R in Rebel Shad Bait School Bite Spec

Paint Shop Spotlight: Rebel Pop R in Rebel Shad - Bait School Bite Spec


When: Summer/Fall


Where: Anywhere bass may roam


Why?: The Rebel Pop R is the standard at which all other popping topwater lures are judged, it just simply catches fish! Our new special edition pattern “Rebel Shad” simply exemplifies the fish catching ability of this small topwater plug. Topwater fans across the nation should rejoice at this elegant shad pattern that will soon grace 300 lucky individuals tackle boxes.

How to Fish: The Rebel Pop R is a small bodied topwater lure with a cupped mouth that allows it to make a popping action on the surface that spits water with every pop of slack line. The best fishing practice is to cast it near any fish holding structure and wait, allow the bait to sit and then begin popping the slack line to make the lure pop and move water. Do this a few times and once the bait has moved from the cover retrieve your line and cast again!

Look for obvious fish holding structure for this time of year, such as: rocky banks, shallow wood, standing timber, and shallow cover of any kind. Also, don’t forget this lure is pretty light so have the right equipment such as a medium light casting rod or a spinning rod combo.

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