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Paint Shop Spotlight - Bandit 300 Spicy Craw - Bait School Bite Spec

Bait School Bite Spec

Lure: The Bandit 300 in Spicy Craw


When: Winter/Early Spring

Where: Highland reservoirs, Rivers, Natural Lakes (Lake Ouachita, Lake Guntersville, Lake Hartwell)

Why?: The Bandit 300 is a tried and true mid to slightly deep diving crankbait that expertly prowls the 8-12 feet depth zone. This is a prime target for bass to be lurking during the winter and early pre-spawn. Our exclusive pattern “Spicy Craw” only intensifies the Bandit 300’s ability to get bites. This beautiful little crankbait boasts an amazing ability of matching crawdads in the dirtiest of water due to its unique bold yellow body and splatter back! 

How to Fish: Chunk and wind! This little crankbait is optimal when you can cover as much water as possible burning it around cover. It’s stubby little profile mimics a small shad or crawfish trying to scurry away from would be predators (bass). It is a lighter bait though, so I recommend tying it on lighter fluorocarbon such as 8-10 lb., and casting it on a lighter action baitcaster rod such as your typical topwater style rod.

Look for obvious fish holding structure for this time of year, such as: rocky banks, shallow wood, standing timber, and main lake points to be your primary target points. Also, don’t forget to just chunk and wind around channel swings and other deep-water areas that might have suspended fish nearby.

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