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3 Must Have Crankbaits for Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing

Crankbaits have almost become foreign to modern anglers in the pre-spawn in exchange for umbrella rigs, modern jerk baits, or the plethora of soft plastic rigs available now. But the reliable mid depth crankbait is still catching solid bags for anglers that choose to take that route. Bass tend to “hang out” in the 4-10 feet zone this time of year before heading to the pockets to spawn so a crankbait can be a great way to collide with some healthy pre-spawners. In our blog this week I will go over three of the best picks for cranking up some excellent bass fishing during the pre-spawn months.

Selection 1: Bomber Fat Free Guppy


The Bomber Fat Free Guppy is the shallowest running crankbait in the prestigious line of Fat Free series crankbaits occupying the 4-6-foot range. This range is key during the pre-spawn, most notably in the month of March when bass are moving into spawn. The guppy has a hybrid bill so it can be pulled over rocks, brush, bushes or any other forms of cover that lay around shallow banks. With this model I tend to crank the outer edges of pockets or secondary points leading into them because I pick it up when the fish are at their shallowest in the pre spawn. For colors, anything bold is the best so it can be a trigger for those shallow bass with one thing on their mind. Top choices are: Citrus Shad or Fire Tiger, but don’t be afraid to take a sharpie marker to one and paint up some red sides or crawfish scales. Pick this model up when the water hits around 53-55 degrees.


Selection 2: Bomber Fat Free Fingerling


The Fat Free Fingerling is quite like the Guppy, but it has a much deeper diving depth of up to ten feet deep. This model is the choice earlier in the pre-spawn or when cranking steeper rock banks like that are present on most highland reservoirs. It has a steep dive angle so it can get down to business on these types of banks, or for fishing points, brush piles, or other structure. Recently I used this crankbait in the crawfish pattern when I was faced with deep hydrilla on Lake Ouachita in central Arkansas. I would find the line and send a Crawfish color Fingerling down the seam of the grass and tick it along until it would foul, then I would rip it clean. Many times when I ripped, a bass would be on the other end. The Fingerling works great in grass because of its flat sides that can come clean very easily. Pick up this model when the water is between 47-53 because bass will be positioned deeper.


Selection 3: Bomber Deep Flat A


Our 3rd pick is the OG of flat sided crankbaits, the Bomber Deep Flat A. This is a little number that just about every single pro angler has stashed away somewhere because it just simply catches bass in the cold-water months. The seductive tight wiggling action of this bait gets bit when bass are pressured, or the water is too cold for something erratic. It works great right up until bass spawn, but its prime time is when the water is in the 42-50-degree mark because bass are most susceptible to suspend and fall victim to this lures coy charm. The Deep Flat A is most as home when cranked on steep rocky banks because bass tend to slide up and down on these types of banks as the water warms throughout the day. Be sure you have some light line or a spinning outfit to cast it on though, it can be a challenge!


All three of these selections can be used for serious success during the pre-spawn. Don’t ever be the angler who thinks a crankbait isn’t the way to go!


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