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Bandit Walleye Deep OK

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The emerging Fall season means one thing to anglers on the Great Lakes – walleye time! To ensure our fans have everything they need for this popular time of year we created a few special patterns to draw every marble eye in the lake. Our two all-stars are “OK”, and “Purple Perch”, both lures are studs for attracting everyone’s favorite table fare. Purple Perch is a gorgeous color designed by expert lure painter Frank Scalish to mimic the markings of a northern perch with exquisite detailing and wild colors to elicit strikes from shy biting walleye. OK is another Scalish premium design featuring a silver base with purple top and side markings, but it also is adorned with blue, yellow, and pink lateral dots for extreme focal points. Don’t sleep on these unique patterns because they begging to be tied on and sent for a troll!

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