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Bandit 300 Series Custom Crappie Series-Electric Chicken

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Once in a blue moon the stars align perfectly and spark unbridled creativity among our painting team to create truly lifechanging colors in the Lurenet Paint Shop! Our exclusive run of Bandit 300’s is a prime example of this creativity and will result in endless hook sets for you and your buddies. Each of the five exclusive colors were created by painting mastermind Frank Scalish for targeting deep dwelling crappie but can also be used on a variety of species due to their unique colorways! Four out of the five you might notice have similar names to top Bobby Garland Baby Shad colors, and for good reason because they mimic these colors perfectly. Don’t sleep on these beautiful colors because we can assure you the demand is high, and these are in limited availability…

Pink Eye – Bright pearlescent body with bold pink eyes and a gray scale back. Perfect for stained water!
Purple Monkey – Faded purple body, translucent grey belly, and a strong amount of bright purple flake throughout the body. A great open water shad imitator for crawling through brush! (Bobby Garland Baby Shad Purple Monkey)
Monkey Milk – Beautiful bone/grey translucent body with a strong amount of added pearlescent flash. Perfect color pattern for clear-stained or wherever minnow forage is present. (Bobby Garland Baby Shad Monkey Milk)
Electric Chicken – Bright pink and yellow come together for a truly magnificent color in stained to dirty water! (Bobby Garland Baby Shad Electric Chicken)
Cajun Cricket – Orange and yellow join forces for a subtle offering for dirty water or a clear water “shock” pattern. (Bobby Garland Baby Shad Cajun Cricket)

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