Arbogast Triple Threat

Arbogast Triple Threat contains three legendary Arbogast topwater lures in the best size and color patterns! Includes one Hula Popper and two Jitterbug lures.
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Three legendary Arbogast topwaters in one package. With two Jitterbugs and a Hula Popper, all in the most-productive color patterns, you’re ready to take on big bass, pike or other gamefish day or night..

This kit includes:

  • G600 Jitterbug (2 1/2 in., 3/8 oz.) - Black
  • G760 Hula Popper (2 in., 3/8 oz.) - Coach Dog
  • G600 Jitterbug (2 1/2 in., 3/8 oz.) - Frog/ White Belly
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