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Rebel Super Pop-R

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The Super Pop-R chugs, pops and even walks the dog. Plus, this versatile topwater features Rebel’s G-Finish, a color application that more-accurately reflects the prism-like light from a fish’s scales.


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The Rebel Super Pop-R topwater chugger/popper features the company’s G-Finish decoration application, which produces light reflections that more-accurately mirror those of a real baitfish. Premium components include XCalibur Tx3 rotating hooks (the back dressed with flash and mylar), a big, 3D eye and lifelike details. The concave mouth chugs and spits with every twitch of the rod tip.

  • Super-sized version of America's No. 1 topwater popping lure
 Length  Weight  Hooks
 3 1/8 in  5/16 oz  # 4