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Smithwick Suspending Rattl'n Rogue FX Series

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Dateline: December 2023, enter in the FX Series from Lurenet, and a completely new thought process on custom-painted fishing lures. We have long thought of lures in our own eyes above the water instead of what fish see below the surface. 

From the brilliant bass-snatching mind of expert angler, Frank Scalish comes the FX Series, and we are sure it will change everything you once knew about the dabs of paint on your fishing lures.

The FX Series was created to give the ultimate illusion of baitfish underwater thanks to a secret process of layering pearlescent patterns over a translucent lure body. The combination provides the utmost realism when cutting through the water resulting in fewer retreats and more bone-jarring strikes! 

Hold a custom FX Series pattern up to the light and you immediately notice the myriad of pearls shining, but once it dives in the water and begins to refract light the real magic happens.

With the unbelievable pressure placed on modern gamefish, we feel the FX Series is poised to give anglers an uncanny edge above all the other tools available and change the lure designing world forever.

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For more than 30 years the Rogue has been the go-to lure for early spring bass, and for trolling up trophy walleyes any time of year. Although the Rogue has been copied numerous times, none of these clones had the soul of the Rogue. It’s the classic “Rogue Roll,” in which the bait actually lists quickly side-to-side as it’s darting and swimming that makes one big difference. This roll allows the sides to flash just like real baitfish. Add true-running dependability and a host of high-tech and classic paint jobs, and the Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue is a potent weapon in your fight against trophy fish around the world.

  • Model ASDRB12
  • Length 4 1/2 in
  • 3/8 oz
  • Cranking Depth 0 - 6 ft.
  • Tollingling Depth 10 - 14 ft.
  • #6 Hooks
  • Species Bass, Walleyes, Salmon, Trout, Panfish, Pike

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