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Lindy Frostee Spoon

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The Lindy Frostee Spoon is a petite jigging spoon with a slender, aerodynamic Frostee body, available in fifteen deadly colors.


The Lindy Frostee Spoon features a Bleeding Bait red treble hook. This sensitive little wonder comes in two finesse sizes, 1/16 oz. (5/8 in, #14 treble) and 1/8 oz. (13/16 in, #12 treble). It's a potent teammate for small minnow heads, maggots, waxies, mini-plastics, and other light tipping fare. Ideal for down-sized vertical jigging on ice or open water! Super-hot for panfish and perch!

Size  Hook Size  Weight
 5/8 in  #14 Treble  1/16 oz
 3/8 in  #6 Treble  1/4 oz
 13/16 in  #12 Treble  1/8 oz

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