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Cotton Cordell Crazy Shad - Pumpkinseed

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"Uncle Frank" Scalish isn't just any lure painter – he's legendary in the fishing world. His vast expertise and profound knowledge of fishing is evident in every brushstroke. Taking inspiration from nature and a deep understanding of what fish find irresistible, he masterfully crafted this exquisite Pumpkinseed pattern, making it a standout piece in any angler's collection.

The Cotton Cordell Crazy Shad is no ordinary topwater bait. Its time-tested design features dual spinning blades that expertly chop and roll atop the water's surface, mimicking the irresistible action of a distressed prey. Whether you're targeting schooling fish or just aiming to entice a strike, the Crazy Shad ensures that every cast is potentially a catch. Dive into an unparalleled fishing experience with Uncle Frank’s mesmerizing Pumpkinseed design and witness the magic of the Crazy Shad in action.

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