• Gold Prism/Black Back/Orange Belly
  • Silver Flash/Red Head/White
  • Chartreuse Flash/Blue Back/Orange Belly
  • Silver Flash/Chartreuse Back
  • Silver Prism/Blue Back
  • Bengal Fire Tiger
  • Gold Chrome/Orange Belly
  • Silver Flash/Blue Back
  • Fire Tiger Bass
  • Chrome/Black Back
  • Silver Flash/Black Back
  • Silver Prism/Black Back

Bomber Jointed Long A

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The Bomber Jointed Long A adds more erratic swimming action to this productive slender minnow with a classic “broken back” design.


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The Bomber Jointed Long A replicates a minnow's life-like swimming action. With a tight wiggle and a castable design, the Long A is equally effective for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, stripers, walleye, pike, salmon, trout and musky.

  • Replicates a minnow's life-like swimming action
  • Long-casting ability
Length Weight Cranking Depth Trolling Depth Hooks
4 1/2 in. 5/8 oz. 3-4 ft. 4-8 ft. #4 Tx3