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YUM FF Sonar Minnow

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Very seldom does a technique arise in the fishing world that completely changes the landscape of fishing. Forward facing sonar is this very technique, and not one angler knows it better than professional angler Jason Christie. Christie has teamed up with YUM Bait Co. to create a soft plastic lure that will get the absolute most out of forward facing sonar, helping anglers to boat more fish and receive less "follow ups and retreats." Everyone has been there: You cast to a bass, and it comes flying up to look at your lure and then tucks tail and runs. This is no more with the new YUM FF Sonar Minnow! The FF Sonar Minnow has been designed to subtly quiver right in the face of bass and give them no other choice but to take a bite out of this ultra-natural presentation.

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  • 10 Per Bag
  • 3.25" length
  • Subtle baitfish-like quiver
  • Better than real color patterns
  • Supercharged with F2 scent
  • Built to pair with YUM Front Facing Sonar Jig head

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