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Topwater Kings

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The Topwater Kings kit from Lurenet comes assembled with a selection of the greatest topwater fishing lures ever produced! Inside the kit are stalwarts such as the Rebel Pop R, Heddon Zara Puppy, Torpedo, and Arbogast Jitterbug! All styles of topwater’s are present to create commotion whether walking, popping, or scooting across the top. In addition to the incredible shapes, the Topwater Kings kit comes housed in a snap locking tackle box to add to the awesome value! Pick one up today and experience topwater fishing at its finest.


  • Heddon Zara Puppy x 3
  • Heddon Tiny Torpedo x 2
  • Arbogast Jitterbug
  • Arbogast Hula Popper
  • Rebel Pop R x 2

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