Thill Pro Series Slip Bobber Rigs

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Thill Pro Series Slip Bobber Rigs make catching fish easy and come pre-tied with the right components.

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Thill Pro Series Slip Bobber Rigs come ready to fish with a Pro Series Slip Float, No-Snagg swivel, glass bead, a bobber stop, split shot and a choice of a Bobber Bug jig or a plain hook. Both come with the added attraction of a petite Indiana blade.

Rig includes: one Pro-Series Slip Bobber, one Slip Bobber Snell (jig or hook), one stop, and split shot to balance.

  • Pre-tied slip float rigs with the right components
  • Each snell comes with a Lindy Swivel, faceted ruby-red bead and petite Indiana attractor blade
  • Unweighted rig features a Bobber Bug jig
  • Weighted rigs tout a Tru-Turn hook


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