Tasmanian Devil-TJ Special-7 g

Designed by diehard anglers in New Norfolk, Tasmania, for catching brown trout on the Derwent River, the Tasmanian Devil creates an erratic, darting action just a couple of feet below the surface. The line-through design helps prevent fish from throwing the lure more easily. The body slides up the line when the fish begins fighting, reducing the leverage it has to throw the hook. Tassie Devils are available in four sizes - 7g, 13.5g, 20g and 26g (approximately 1/4-, 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ounce). The two smaller sizes are perfect for casting on 6- or 8-pound test line, while the larger ones are designed for trolling. Whether casting or trolling, the key to using Tassie Devils is to find the right speed to get the rod tip vibrating. Once you find that speed, you'll know the Tassie Devil is working correctly beneath the surface.
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Since the 1970s, the Tasmanian Devil lure has been the No. 1 choice for anglers in Australia and New Zealand who are targeting big trout. Now the top lure from Down Under has arrived in the US to land trout, salmon, steelhead, pike, walleye and other gamefish.

To rig it, run the line through the top of the lure, through the bead and then tie on the hook. 

Line-through design allows the lure to slide away from the fish once the hook is set, reducing the leverage available to dislodge the treble when the fish thrashes and jumps.

Four sizes

1 per package

Model Weight Hook Size
Little Devil 7 g 8
Tassie Devil 13 g 6
Big Devil 26 g 4
Duel Depth 20 g 5

Made in Tasmania

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