Smithwick Floating Rattlin' Rogue ARA12

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The Floating Rattlin'™ Rogue has the size and action to catch walleyes (as well as all species of bass!) and feature color patterns specially designed for walleye anglers.


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The Floating Rattlin’ Rogue has patterns that range from natural forage looks to bright hues that walleyes can’t resist. The Floating Rattlin’ Rogue is awesome in skinny moving water as well as big lakes. It catches fish with a steady retrieve, with a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve or trolled. Also fantastic on a three-way rig!


Species: Bass, Striper, Trout, Walleye

Model Length Count Cranking Depth   Trolling Depth  Hooks
ARA12  3 in  1  0 - 1 Feet  1 - 4 Feet  # 6