Silver Thread Excalibur Fishing Line Bulk Spool - 4 lb Test

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Silver Thread Excalibur has 3000 yards of 4 lb. clear line and had the most abrasion resistant copolymer line on the market.



Stumps. Rocks. Weeds. Snags. Toss in a few hard-fighting fish and it's no picnic for your line. That's why we developed Excalibur Silver Thread. This revolutionary copolymer line is defining the criteria on which all fishing line is judged. In independent laboratory testing, Excalibur has proven to be ten times tougher against abrasion break-offs than any other fishing line. Tougher than Stren. Tougher than Trilene. Even tougher than Fireline and SpiderWire fishing line. Tough enough to stand up to whatever lurks down there. Of course, Excalibur Sivler Thread also has a softer side. You get outstanding castability, an ultra-thin profile and low memory. Superior strength. Sensitive feel. That's how you survive the jungle. The Silver Thread Excalibur Bulk Fishing Spool had 3000 yards of line.