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Lindy 360 Jig

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The 360 Jig features a body that spins on an internal axle to produce completely unique vibration and sound that brings in fish from great distances. But the 360 is not just for loud, active fish attraction; it can be finessed to revolve slowly and tease shy biters into striking. The 360 Jig features an oval baitfish shape with a diagonal wing on each side resting on a colored bead. The color of the jig presents the primary colors of various baitfish and other forage, while the bead is color-coordinated to present secondary colors. The 360 Jig is effective no matter the mood of the fish. For fish in negative or neutral feeding modes, anglers can fish the 360 with gentle jigging motions to produce slow, enticing rotations. When the fishing is hot, anglers fish the 360 with more vigorous jigging motions to prompt it to spin into a blur and attract fish into your zone.

  • Weighted body spins freely on an internal axle
  • Fish attracting flash and water displacement


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