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Incredible way to deliver a small crankbait or rattle bait to suspended fish. Count it down and work at the depth you want. Been throwing a Rebel Wee-R behind the 1/2 ounce Boo Rig. Water temp has been in high 30s and low 40s. Bass are suspended. Getting a Wee-R or any square-bill crankbait to stay at 8-10 feet deep has never been possible before. This rig works because it gets your lure to the depth you want it, and then the flash of the blades takes over. If you've used any Yumbrella Rigs, you will "get it" and will want to try this with your favorite crankbait. (Posted on 1/27/2014)

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The BOOYAH Boo Rig changes the traditional umbrella rig by adding a flexible center lure arm for crankbaits and other lures. The Boo Rig features four stainless steel outer arms with willowleaf blades to produce flas and vibration, but the center lure arm is flexible, allowing anglers to use any lure. Now anglers can throw, using their BOOYAH Boo Rig, a shallow-running crankbait on their castable umbrella rig and work it on bottom in any depth.

  • Flexible lure arm lets crankbaits swim naturally.
  • Baitfish spinnerbait-style heads in three weights.
  • Adds bait-chase characteristic to every presentation.
  • Fish any lure at any depth. 
Size  Color  Blade 
 1/4-oz.  Alpine  WIllow
 3/8-oz.  Alpine  Willow
 1/2-oz.   Alpine  Willow


Tracdown Minnow TD50

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