Heddon Sonar Flash

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The Heddon Sonar Flash is as versatile as any lure you’ll find in the fishing industry. The Sonar Flash features three line-tie holes, each positioned for a different fishing technique. Tie your line to the front hole for casting and fishing shallower water. Tie to the middle hole for vertical jigging. The third hole is for trolling or casting to deeper water. The “Flash” in Sonar Flash refers to the super-reflective sides of this tantalizing blade, which adds a baitfish flash to the action to attract fish from a distance. Fish deep, shallow, vertical, horizontal, fast, slow, troll, cast – the Sonar does it all.

Species: Bass, Stripers, Crappie, Walleyes, Pike

Model Size   Weight  Hooks
X0431F  1 7/8 in.  1/4 oz.  # 6


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