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Best Fluorocarbon Available : Andrew Rupert
I used Silver Thread fluorocarbon since 2016 and it has been by far the best fluorocarbon I've used. No kinks and minimal line twist, and what line twist there is, is caused by the heavy current of the St. Lawrence River. This line is also extremely invisible when fishing the gin clear waters of the St. Lawrence, and stands up to all of the rocks, zebra muscles and toothy fish the swim the river. (Posted on 4/28/2018)
Best Finesse Fluorocarbon I've Ever Used : Chad Hill
I use 8 lb. test Silver Thread Fluorocarbon for all of my finesse fishing, primarily on spinning tackle but also on light-action bait casting gear. This line doesn't kink or twist. It is not brittle like other fluorocarbon lines I've used. Silver Thread Fluorocarbon made me a believer in fluorocarbon line again. I've caught some many fish using it that I couldn't count them if I tried. (Posted on 11/5/2017)

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Silver Thread Fluorocarbon Filler Spools

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Silver Thread Fluorocarbon fishing line is virtually invisible under water but has excellent visibility above the water. Fluorocarbon material is very abrasion-resistant and possesses great strength qualities. This product can be used where maximum strength is needed, but visibility must be kept to a minimum. Excellent as a leader on a Carolina rig or braided line leader when flipping or pitching in clear water. Fluorocarbon gives you sensitivity and low-stretch features not found in other monofilament lines.

  • LENGTH: 200 Yards
  • SPECIES: Any
  • COLOR: Fluoro-clear
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