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The Best! : M.Hanson
This is the best hollow bellied frog on the market! Go ahead and spend $10 or $15 on other brands, your wasting your money! Booyah baby! (Posted on 8/24/2014)
4 Out Of 5 : Matthew
I love fishing with these frogs. Great retrieval action. Easier hook ups on long distance strikes. Very reasonably priced (even retail) and nice assortment of colors. But before I gloat any more, I have had some issues with these.

I fished an albino for a week or so, and after hooking on a 20" LM I noticed that the butt weight had ripped out. Completely gone! Don't know if it was the fish that got it, or dragging it through the slop, or what. But after a week of fishing this was a bit of a shock. I was able to return it to Booyah for a replacement at no cost, so that was a huge plus for me.

Another thing that I have issues with is the fact that the eyes rub off very quickly and the hooks mark up the body pretty bad. Seeing as though these are meant to hit the slop, pads, cat tails, bushes, logs, and anything else that could house that next monster, I wish they "held" their markings a little better. I have fished other brands for years and never had any problems with the exterior.

Lastly, I wish they would make a 3/4 oz model. Mid-Late Summer we all know that slop gets THICK. The half ouncer's just don't have the body to penetrate that thick duck weed, moss and packed lilies. They are flawless for spring/early summer during spawning and before the cover gets heavy, but when fish head to the denser cover on those hot sunny days, these usually take a back seat in the tackle box for a larger model.

In all it's a great lure and I will continue to use these. The Customer Service is great, and with the prices that reasonable, it's easy to keep a few extra on hand. (Posted on 6/26/2014)
Great Bait : David
I would first cut off about an inch of the legs. You will then have the best frog on the market. The hook up ratio is much higher than the much more expensive frogs. (Posted on 6/7/2014)
Out of the box ready : Chuck
I'm always skeptical on reviews saying they caught a fish first cast with a lure. Until now. I bought the Pad Crasher to try a frog out on our pond. My second cast out of the box landed a 19" and 4.5 lbs large mouth just off the lilly pads. Now I'm hooked. I swear by Booyah Lures, and had had great luck with them. Great products guys! (Posted on 5/30/2014)

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BOOYAH Pad Crasher

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The BOOYAH Pad Crasher soft plastic hollow body frog features a plastic with just the right consistency to ensure solid, consistent hook-ups while remaining weed- and snag-free. The belly features 'chines' that make 'walking the frog' easy in open water, and it's just the right weight for pulling over slop or through the pads for big bass. Realistic decoration schemes and adjustable spinnerbait-style legs seal the deal for big bass. A drain hole at the tail of the bait keeps it working flawlessly.


  • "Chined" belly makes walking the frog easy 
  • Super-soft collapsable body increases hook-ups
  • Premium quality double 3/0 Hooks
Weight   Size Count
 Cranking Depth  Hooks
 1/2 oz  2 1/2 in  1  Topwater  3/0 Double



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