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Thank god its back : Bigbill
The bomber FAT A has been my go to crankbait for years, decades......when it was discontinued I filled a large box with them. My favorite color r should I say the basses favorite color is redapplecraw. I use it in many different presentations. Over submerged weeds I slow reel it or my famous 1-2-3 twitch n pause. I pause it over the open weed pockets. Give a a short twitch so it stays over the weed pocket and hang on. Or slow reel it along the shoreline. The redapplecraw color matches my crayfish here. I fish sometimes where the shoreline is crowded. Bomber lures make me look like a pro when no one else is catching anything I'm pulling out bass after bass. (Posted on 9/16/2017)
Glad to see them back! Best all-around Crankbait I have ever used! : Mariner920
These Fat A's cannot be beat for durability, and they have the rattle that just works. I have used them on Bass, Walleye, Perch with excellent results. They can be trolled, and run around 10'. I really missed them. Please bring back the Brown Crawdad color. (Posted on 8/28/2017)

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Bomber Fat A B05F

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The Fat A is an extremely buoyant, polycarbonate lure that is designed specifically for fishing around cover and structure. The Fat A will bounce off wood, rocks and other obstacles to trigger reaction strikes from nearby bass while rattles further draw their attention to the lure.
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