Rebel Wee Frog

The Rebel Wee Frog is a topwater/crankbait with the look and profile of a young frog. Excellent when fished near vegetation.
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The Rebel Wee-Frog looks just like a real frog, but this crankbait has teeth! Fish love to eat frogs, and the Rebel Wee Frog is the only frog-crankbait on the market. Work the Wee Frog slowly on top to mimic a frog that’s dazed and confused, or bring it in with sweeps of the rod tip to create a realistic frog action. The Rebel Wee Frog is tremendously effective in clear-water streams.

  • Effectively mimics a fleeing frog
  • Fish love to eat frogs
Model  Length  Weight  Hooks  Cranking Depth
F71  2 in  3/8 oz  # 6  3' - 4'
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