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Exclusive YUM Flash Mob Jr. Kits

The YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr has met its perfect match! The YUM/Scottsboro Tackle Swimbaits look as if they were alive on the back of the world's most popular rig! Three Lurenet exclusive colors are now available and are in limited quantity!

Smithwick Pro Rogues

The legendary 5.5-inch Rogue or ASDRC12 as it’s known to faithful anglers is back for a limited time through Lurenet. Our design team crept way back into the archives at Smithwick to bring back this bass snatcher.

Bomber Next Gen Crankbaits

New pro-designed colors for 10 of the most proven crankbait models, and technological advances have allowed Bomber to offer its next generation of crankbaits at a substantially reduced price.

Bassmaster® Classic Winning Jig

The Jig that helped Jason Christie win the 2022 Bassmaster Classic is available in 12 stunning colors and features a powder-coated and modified Arkie-style head to handle any cover.