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Norman Deep Little N Ghost Pepper

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Ghost Pepper brings some new life to crawfish patterns with its radical crackle back and bright red belly. When anglers are reaching for the bright reds early in the pre spawn, this pattern will have to be in tow. Ghost Pepper will be right at home ripped from deep grass in the pre spawn on Guntersville and cranked on rocky banks in the Ozarks. It's a crawfish pattern for all water clarities! Anglers will notice Ghost Pepper to become the perfect craw pattern in the early pre-spawn time of January to March depending upon your location in the country.


A classic medium diver, the Deep Little N hits that 9-12 foot sweep spot quickly. With the famous medium-wide Norman action, the Deep Little N has posted wins in the biggest tournaments in the nation – including a Bassmaster Classic.

Model No. Weight(oz) Weight(g) Size(cm) Size(cm) Cranking Depth Hooks
NMDLN 3/8 oz 10.63 g 2 1/2 in 6.35 cm 9 - 12 FT #4

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