Norman DD22 Canary

The Norman DD22 has been winning tournaments since 1987. It sets the standard for deep-diving crankbaits and is a must for ledge fishing in the 14-to-18-foot range. Like all Norman crankbaits, the DD22 is made of butyrate which creates a dull thud that helps fish home in on it. Combined with a medium-wide wobble, the Norman DD22 is irresistible

Now, take the notes on the awesomeness of the DD22 and add in the subtle irresistibility of the Canary color. Canary is a faded chartreuse body with a similar muted purple top and finished off with a pearl belly and orange throat. This classic pattern screams a dying threadfin shad and gets bit in tough conditions where bass see tons of crankbaits whizzing by them. Hence why they keep going up in price on Ebay! Be the wiser and stock up on a few Canary DD22’s, so you always have some in stock for the right ledge bite!

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